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Restaurants & Cafes near Best Travel Inn Philipsburg

Here are some amazing Restaurants & Cafes near this hotel in Philipsburg that you should definitely check out:

  • American Diner

    1841 Philipsburg Bigler Hwy, Philipsburg
    0.06 miles away
  • Sarina's Pizza & Restaurant

    1079 N Front St, Philipsburg
    0.83 miles away
  • Taco Bell

    1129 Philipsburg Bigler Hwy, Philipsburg
    Fast Food
    0.91 miles away
  • China Wok

    1027 N Front St Peeple Plaza, Philipsburg
    0.91 miles away
  • Pizza Hut

    952 N Front St, Philipsburg
    0.92 miles away
  • RJ's Pub & Grill

    615 N 9th St, Philipsburg
    1.36 miles away
  • Joey's To Go

    618 N 9th St, Philipsburg
    1.36 miles away
  • Main Won

    224 N Front St, Philipsburg
    1.45 miles away
  • Brother's Pizza - Philipsburg

    221 N Front St, Philipsburg
    1.45 miles away
  • Poppy & Co Cafe

    124 N 2nd St 2nd floor, Philipsburg
    1.54 miles away

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